Protecting Your Trees from Severe Weather Conditions

For those who don’t know, severe weather conditions can cause issues for trees as you would expect. This includes high temperatures, increased rainfall, bitter-cold temperatures, and crippling winter storms.  

If you live in a region that experiences these extreme weather conditions, it’s probably common to see fallen trees, bug issues, root damage, and broken branches.  

So, how can you protect your trees during inclement weather? Well, aside from hiring a professional tree service company Bozeman MT, there are a couple of tips you can follow as well. This includes: 

Proactively Prune 

Routine tree pruning is the ideal way to handle your tree’s health. Also, it is crucial if you want to avoid damage during severe weather conditions. There are a couple of particular forms of weather-proofing trimming you should do for your trees. A professional arborist can help. 

Wrap the Trunks 

While young trees are much more vulnerable to weather damage, a tree with thin bark can also suffer from cold-weather damage. Maple trees, ash, and linden are common species with thin bark.  

If you’ve got this type of tree, you do not have to cover the whole tree. All you’ve got to do is to focus on wrapping the tree’s trunk. 

Offer The Tree Room to Grow 

Whenever you are planting a tree, you need to think about how big it will grow eventually. You should not plant trees too close to each other if they’ve got a wide canopy. You do not want your trees to have a lot of overlapping branches once it is mature. The reason for this is that it makes your tree more vulnerable to weather damage.  

Also, you need to offer the tree a lot of ground space. Your tree requires room to grow deep roots and become sturdy enough.  

Plant Trees When They Are Small 

When it comes to handling strong rain and high winds, you want your trees to have sturdy and deep roots. You might be tempted to pick a mature tree when you are planning to add new trees to your home. Unfortunately, it is typically much better to plant a smaller tree.  

The reason for this is that compared to big trees, smaller trees will grab onto the soil and establish healthy root systems more easily. In addition to that, it will enable you to properly prune the tree if you start small.  

While starting small is an ideal tactic for establishing a strong tree, you should remember that newly-planted trees are more prone to weather damage.  

Prepare Some Tools 

You need to prepare if you want to protect your trees from weather damage. If you’ve got 1-2 trees on your property, it’s crucial that you keep a couple of vital tree care tools in your shed or garage. A couple of tools that you should have on hand include hose, mulch, sharp knife, heavy twine, stakes, burlap or tarp, garden stakes, pruner, and much more.  

Remember that it’s dangerous to work on your trees. Thus, it’s best to hire an arborist if you are dealing with a big tree.  

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